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In the Jeans Book Review

In the Jeans: A humorous suspense with a kick-ass

Ryanne Brady Book 1

by Carper Smith

Published: 2023


For a martial artist like Ryanne Brady, muggers are a mere inconvenience. So why has an ex-cop been sent to protect her?

Ryanne is no stranger to tragedy. Her father died in a car accident when she was young. Eight years later, her mother committed suicide. Now an old family friend has disappeared after asking questions about a photo of Ryanne’s family and another friend has been attacked. Was the death of Ryanne’s father really an accident? Did her mother truly commit suicide? As knots begin to unravel that were tied long ago, Ryanne must fight to protect herself and those she loves. With the help of the ex-cop sent to protect her, can Ryanne solve the mystery and save her family friend, or will she become the next family tragedy?


In Carper Smith’s debut novel, we meet Ryanne Brady, a part owner of a gym who is proficient in the martial arts. As the title hints, Ryanne is a kick-ass heroine, who can kick the but of any man. 

Set in Oregon, Ryanne’s life takes an unexpected turn when a handsome stranger, Eric, shows up to “protect” her, as though someone as tough as Ryanne needs protecting. Sent by her deceased father’s old police partner, Tom, Eric follows Ryanne and keeps an eye on her. Why? Because Tom started asking questions about a photo of a young Ryanne with her mother taken on the Fourth of July in the late eighties. There was something going on in the background, if Tom could only figure out what. Ever since he started asking questions, it seems as though someone wanted to shut him down. 

In the search for answers, Ryanne has to question what she knew about her mother’s death. Did it happen the way the police report said? How many people will find themselves in harm’s way before they figure out the truth?  

Character Analysis

Ryanne Brady is one tough heroine. As someone who can take care of herself, she bristles at the idea of a strange (though good-looking) man following her, watching, listening in on her. Though they fight their initial attraction, they clearly want a physical relationship. Ryanne has to learn to trust Eric and believe Tom just wants her to be safe. 

As for Eric, he’s a cop, sort of. He’s on leave due to a work-related injury and has a past with Tom. Though Eric thinks he has reasons to resent Ryanne, this feeling is misplaced. He respects Tom and will do whatever he asks, even if that is to keep his hands off Ryanne, which turns into a difficult promise to keep. 

With a full cast of characters who all brought their own personalities to the story, this book had me turning pages to find out what happens next, and, most importantly, what is the significance of the Fourth of July photo.

Final Thoughts

If you like your mystery with some romantic/sexual tension (as I do), then this is the book for you! If you got tired of Stephanie Plum sucking at her job and needing to be rescued in the end by Morelli and Ranger in every book, then this book is for you! The subtitle doesn’t lie, this is a heroine who can kick some ass. 

I look forward to more from the Ryanne Brady series. Was her dad’s accident really an accident? Will we find out who the baby gifts her mother made before her death were for? How will Eric be involved? 

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