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Turn your audience into loyal fans who come back for more

Editorial services to refine your writing while preserving your distinct voice.

You’re so close to your writing, you know what it’s supposed to say. You need a fresh set of eyes before you let the world meet—and fall in love with—your characters or brand.

I want to help to make your writing as perfect as possible! I’ll catch any errors or inconsistencies missed in previous edits that might distract readers from your story. When your audience trusts you, they will return to you for more.

Editorial Services

My editorial services deal with the technical aspects of your writing. I offer copyediting and proofreading. I’ll polish your writing for a smooth reading experience. 

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Checks for grammar, punctuation, spelling. Ensures the writing is consistent throughout. Keeps track of details and style preferences.

Two stacks of books, the shorter one on the left has a cup of tea on top. Light blue overlay, reads Proofreading.

Last quality check before publication. Corrects any errors and typos that slipped through the editing process. 

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Need both a copyeditor and proofreader? Bundle and save! Get a round of copyediting and then proofreading after revisions.

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m a proofreader and copyeditor dedicated to polishing your writing so you can gain the trust and loyalty of your audience. 

I study comma and hyphen rules so you don’t have to! Your unique voice comes first though, and I’ll make sure your style is consistent throughout your writing. 

Round picture of Nicole Beste, who has red hair and is wearing a red flannel shirt and black glasses.

Who do I work with? 

  • Romance authors
  • Mystery/suspense authors
  • Publishers
  • Content marketers

Not on the shortlist? That’s okay! Since copyediting and proofreading deals with the technical side of editing, I’m open to other genres. Just contact me about your project.

Want to chat?

Want to talk and get to know me better before getting a sample edit? Let’s hop on a call and chat! Or email, if that’s more your speed. I’m a painfully shy introvert. I feel ya. Just send me a message and tell me how you prefer to communicate.