My proofreading service is the final touchup before publishing. It is a surface-level check. 

You’ve read over your writing about a hundred times. You know it inside and out. After several rounds of editing and revisions, some errors slip through. We’re all human. 

When we’re so close to our writing, our eyes autocorrect the words because we know what it’s supposed to say. I’ve kicked myself the day after hitting Post on a story, wondering how I could have possibly missed typos.  

The solution? A fresh set of eyes, trained to spot even the smallest of errors. 

Proofreading is the last step in the editing process. What I check for:

  • Correct spelling 
  • Correct punctuation 
  • Correct grammar 
  • Repeated words
  • Missing periods 
  • Extra spaces
  • Flipped apostrophes and quotation marks

You will receive: 

  • Your document with Track Changes on.
  • Inline comments for explaining why I made certain changes and query any questions I had.
  • An editorial report where I will explain editorial decisions in further detail.  
  • Progress reports and email support during the project.  

Sample proofread

Hiring a proofreader can be stressful. There are so many choices! To make the decision a little easier, I offer a 1500-word sample edit, free of charge, no obligations.

I’ll proofread your writing with Track Changes on and comments for you to get a sense of my work and compare to another editor.

Proofreading prices

Fiction Books

50k-100k words $300
<50k words $200 

My prices are within the median rates compiled by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Payment plans are available. If you need a copyedit first, bundle and save with my Proof-Editing Bundle.

Do you want to save more money?

Refer a friend who needs a copyedit or proofreader and save 10% on your next project for any service.

Interested? Need more details?