Copyediting is the final level of editing before proofreading. It whips your writing into shape. 

You are ready for copyediting when you are happy with your story or content as well as your prose. Copyediting cleans up your writing for readability while maintaining your distinct voice so your readers stay immersed in your story or content. 

I will check for the following: 

  • Errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Style and formatting consistency 
  • Content consistencies 
  • Accuracy of basic facts, names, numbers, and dates

You will receive: 

  • Your document with Track Changes on.
  • Inline comments explaining why I made certain changes and query any questions I had.
  • A style sheet, where I keep track of style, formatting preferences, and a word list. For a book, it will also include a list of characters, places, and a timeline. It can be used by a proofreader and for your future books, if you’re writing a series. 
  • An editorial report where I will explain editorial decisions in further detail.  
  • Progress reports and email support during the project.  

Sample copyedit

Try before you buy! Don’t choose an editor on blind faith. Get a peek at my editing style with a free 1500-word sample copyedit. You’ll get my suggestions with Track Changes on and comments, as well as a style sheet.

If you decide on a different editor, no hard feelings. 

Copyediting prices

Fiction Books

50k-100k words $400
<50k words $300 

My prices are within the median rates compiled by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Payment plans are available. Do you need a proofreader? Book both services with me and save with my Proof-Editing Bundle.

Save even more! 

Do you have a writer or business friend who needs a copyeditor? Refer them to me and you’ll save 10% on your next project that needs copyediting if they book any service with me. 

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