Give your readers high-quality books with my affordable fiction editing services. 

With my fiction editing services, be confident that your readers’ attention will stay hooked by your engaging story.   

Don’t lose readers or risk bad reviews because of minor mistakes in grammar or spelling. My fiction editing services will whip your manuscript into shape, fixing any technical errors or inconsistencies in style or content. 

As an indie author, you’ve spent months (or years) crafting compelling characters and a page-turning plot. You foreshadowed and delivered on your promises. You resolved the conflict and showed how your main character has grown. You stuck it out and finished your novel. You did it. What a huge achievement! Congratulations!

Before you publish, it’s time to fine-tune your writing. 

But you’ve read your manuscript about 847 times. You’re so close to your writing, you know what it’s supposed to say. Now it’s time for a fresh set of eyes before you let the world meet—and fall in love with—your characters. 

Hi, I’m Nicole!

As a copyeditor and proofreader, I want to help make your writing as perfect as possible! I’ll catch any errors or inconsistencies missed in previous edits that might distract readers from your story.

When your readers trust you to give them a high-quality, polished story, they will return to you for more

What fiction genres I work with: 

Young Adult

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Copyediting comes after line editing. I will ensure the style and details of your story are consistent throughout the manuscript. I will focus on:

  • Correct spelling 
  • Correct punctuation 
  • Correct grammar
  • Correct typos
  • Correct non-verbal dialogue tags
  • Verify basic facts
  • Flag plot holes
  • Make style consistent
  • Flag content inconsistency 
  • Develop a style sheet
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Proofreading is the final quality check after all other editing. It is the last chance to catch any errors that slipped through previous edits before publishing. I will focus on:

  • Correct spelling 
  • Correct punctuation 
  • Correct grammar 
  • Format
  • Check obvious facts
  • Extra spaces
  • Repeated words
  • Flipped apostrophes and quotation marks
  • Correct typos
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Proof-Editing Bundle

Do you need a copyeditor and a proofreader? Bundle and save when you book both services with me!

I will copyedit your manuscript, return it to you for revisions, and then do a final proofread.

Ready to elevate your writing?

It’s hard to know what you’re getting when you find someone on the internet. You want to choose an editor with great care. Before picking one, it’s a good idea to find out what you’ll be getting. 

To give you a sense of my editing style, or to allow you to compare my work with another editor, I offer a 1500-word sample edit, free of charge, no obligations. Just send me a message about your project and fiction editing needs.