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Beta Reading Services

for fiction writers

Beta Reading Services 

What is a Beta Reader? 

A beta reader is someone outside your immediate network—such as friends and family, known as alpha readers—who reads your manuscript and provides feedback about various elements of the story. Some beta readers are writers themselves.

A beta reader does not edit or proofread the writing. Beta reading services do not replace editing services.

A beta reader can focus on things such as: 

  • Characters
  • Plot and conflict 
  • Point of view and tense
  • Dialogue
  • Tone, voice, and style

You might have specific concerns you’d like a beta reader to watch out for, such as: 

  • Boring places
  • Confusing passages
  • Unbelievable circumstances 
  • Bad dialogue 
  • Repetition

You can also send a list of questions for a beta reader to consider when they read your story. The type of feedback you need may depend on where you are in your writing process.

As a beta reader, I will use the comments feature in your chosen word processor, or the comments feature with PDF markup software. I will also write a summary of my thoughts. 

Price: FREE up to 75k words

Turnaround time depends on length of document and current workload.

How it works

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File Format

I will read in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. I can also read PDFs in an annotation app.

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I will beta read romance, YA, and suspense. I read and write these genres.

Hands holding an open book in one hand, fiction reading, and a blue cup of coffee in the other hand.

Bundle Services

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